SP24 AJ4 ‘White & Gold,’ featuring Popular Jewelry’s A$AP Eva, Faith Jaggernauth, Khiana Lowe, Ramshah Kanwal, and Jourdan Ash.

The nameplate pieces, birthstone rings, religious charms, and everything in between. Gold jewelry has a special place in the hearts of Black & brown people, mine included. Bringing in Chiok Va Sam aka A$AP Eva—owner of NYC’s Popular Jewelry and a respected name in this community—for the AJ4 ‘White & Gold’ campaign, highlighting the significance of these cherished heirlooms was a true honor. It’s more than just an accessory to an outfit—it’s tradition, it’s culture, it’s community.  

: Narrative lead, HMU/styling direction
Art Direction: Warren Cochrane, Pete Le
Photography: Jackie Kursel, David Cabrera
Director: Jackie Bao
Styling: Mel Renee Leamon
Set Design: Rochelle Bennett
Hair: Illiesha Lussiano 
Nails: Alex Smith