Hola, my name is Maria Mora, but the homies call me Mars. I'm a New Jersey native, but I have also spent some time living in sunny Florida growing up as a kid. While the North called me back and Brooklyn became home — I am now a resident of the PNW, Portland, OR to be exact.

Growing up, writing was something I always found joy and solace in. Now as an adult, I found a way to turn my passion into purpose.

I aim to tell rich stories that are rooted in BIPOC excellence, whether that’s through a 1500 word article or a :15s spot. I am *all* about intentional and purposeful writing as that is my goal.

I am currently a writer for the greatest basketball player of all time, at the Jordan Brand Global Creative Studio. Let's get in touch.

Jordan Brand
adidas Originals 
Cultured Mag 
The Hundreds
Input Mag 

Writing Formats
Narrative copywriting
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Opinion journalism
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