Jordan Women: In Forum

Women in sneaker culture are unsung heroes. They’re figures of constant change, challenging the status quo and doing things their own way at their own pace — without permission.

Jordan Brand is on a mission to amplify women who are shifting the conversation and creating an inclusive sneaker culture for all. To kickstart the moment, we created a platform called In Forum, a global expression of the Jordan Women’s POV on sneaker culture and a brave space that the brand is holding for women to cultivate ideas, create connections, and continue the work of redefining the culture.

In tandem with the debut of the Air Jordan 1 Elevate, we brought on stylist and designer Aleali May and WNBA point guard T’ea Cooper to have a conversation on the state of sneaker culture. We then opened up the forum to the Jordan Women’s collective to amplify the community and one another.

Brand: Nike/Jordan
Launch Date: June 2022
Role: Narrative Strategy, Copywriter