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UNDO Ordinary Magazine

Published December 2018 

On behalf of Incorp[HER]ated, I assisted in bringing forth perspectives of men and women working in the music and sneaker industries. This piece focuses on the mental health impacts of working in male dominated industries, how it feels to be slept on, and what can be done to improve these situations.

The IN Mag

Published October 2018

Submitting a story to a print magazine has been a long time goal of mine and I am glad to say I crossed that off my list. For my first print placement, I interviewed Raveena Aurora, a New York based singer with a voice so sweet and a calming presence. Available for purchase here.


Copywriter at Laundry Service
Jan 2021 - Present

Clients: Jordan Brand, Hennessy

Freelance Copywriter, May 2020 - Present Clients: House of Hoops, Blue & Yellow

Junior Copywriter at Code and Theory
Jan 2019 - Jan 2021

Clients: adidas Originals, Hotaling Co., Morton Salt

Freelance Journalist, 2012 - Present

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